What is Scheduled Scan Feature of Trend Micro

Have you ever wondered why antivirus products keep updating and introducing new security features? Yes, the primary reason is to protect the device and data but these updates are equally useful for other purposes. In this blog, we will discuss Scheduled Scan which is helpful in scanning the device along with the configuration of the feature on computer devices.

The best feature of Trend Micro antivirus program is to perform a search which is by default. The user can also consult for the guidance by contacting Trend Micro Support Number Australia 1800-870-079  The team will guide you through the updates and features quickly.

Types of Scheduled Scans

Below are the kinds of Scheduled Scans which the user can utilize accordingly:

  • Smart Scan: This feature starts automatically at a suitable time depending upon the user’s recent computer usage.
  • Setting a particular schedule: These are used for configuring to run either every day, once in a week or once in a month depending on the user’s preference. The user can also pick the examined type according to their requirements:
  1. Quick Scan: It checks the entire operating system’s files along with other important locations where there are chances of getting malicious software which might hide. The feature carefully scans the program which has characteristics related to known threats such as automatically launching itself. The function of the feature finishes quickly if the user has a powerful computer system.
  2. Full Scan: It examines and checks all the files in each folder on all the drives which are connected to user’s computer system except the network drives. The search is thorough and might take longer to complete.

Keep in mind that the antivirus software will itself run a Quick scan by default if the user does not make any choice. While scheduling any scan, the user must select the time when they would have their computer device switched on but not using.

How to configure the feature?

Perform the below directions for configuring the feature:

  • Access the main console of the antivirus security software. The user can perform either of the following:
  1. Double click on Trend Micro icon on the desktop.
  2. Double tap the antivirus icon from the system tray.
  • Tap on the ‘Device’ tab.
  • Tap on ‘Configure’.
  • Click on the ‘Security & Tuneup Controls’. Then tap on the ‘Scheduled Scans’ option.
  • Now the user can choose the schedule type.
  • Now select the ‘Apply’ button and click on ‘OK’.

If the user needs any assistance for the above process, then feel free to contact the team of experts by dialing Trend Micro toll-free number 1800-870-079. The user can also drop an email and we will get back to you with an appropriate solution. We are available round the clock at your service.  

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