Keyboard and Mouse Not Working After Kaspersky Uninstallation

There are times when installing or removal of Kaspersky software can get interrupted which causes incomplete installation or removal. It results in improper functioning of keyboard and mouse once the system restarts. If the issue persists then restart the computer.

If it doesn’t help then follow the instructions explained in this box.

You can also connect with the experts who are here to guide you through the process of recovery. Reach them by dialing Kaspersky Helpline Number 180-087-0079 anytime and discuss your concerns.

Go through below directions to resolve it:

Create rescue disk

Use another computer system for downloading the antivirus rescue disk from the website in case if you do not have product CD. Use it either on USB Flash Drive or put it on burnable CD. Remember all the devices can boot off the USB Flash Drives especially old computer systems.

Start the rescue disk

  1. Press any key to continue after booting off the Rescue Disk.
  2. Choose the language via arrow keys and then hit ‘Enter’.
  3. Tap ‘1’ key for accepting the license agreement.
  4. Tap ‘Enter’ for starting ‘Kaspersky Rescue Disk Graphic Mode’.
  5. Wait till the disc load which will take few minutes.

Once the disks are mounted, the scan program will open. You will see the drive letters for each hard disk in the system. By default, ‘C:’ is primary drive.

If you are unable to see any drivers listed then there are chances the disc hasn’t recognize the hard disk controller. Though the rescue-disk is updated regularly as many computer component manufacturers provide the required drivers.

You can connect with the team of professionals by dialing Kaspersky toll-free number 1800-870-079. You can also reach us anytime as we are here to guide round the clock.

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