How to Resolve Kaspersky Network Connection Error During Activation?

If you are facing network connection issue while activating the antivirus due to incorrectly proxy server details provided or due to the unavailability of the activation server then you are reading the right article. Go through the write up for understanding the activation process by making the changes.

You can also get in touch with the team of experts by dialing Kaspersky Support Number 1800-870-079 and the team will ensure you with the process.

Follow the below procedure for making resolving the connection error:

  1. Try to activate the application once again after an hour. Due to maintenance work, the activation server might be down temporarily.
  2. Disable the proxy server usage in the application. You are required to install the 2018 version or have to reset the Internet Explorer settings if the below-mentioned options are not available on your device.
    Follow the below guidelines for disabling the proxy server use in the application:

    • Tap on the gear button available in the main application window. Go through the guide if you are facing issue while accessing the application.
    • From the Settings window, go to the Additional tab and then choose Network.
    • From the Network Settings tab, tap on the Proxy Server Settings.
    • From Proxy Server Settings, go to the ‘Do not use proxy server’.
  3. Reset the settings of Internet Explorer with the following steps:
    • Close all the tabs opened on Internet Explorer browser.
    • Tap on the Settings button and then choose Internet Options from the browser’s window.
    • From the selected option, go to the Advanced tab and then tap on Reset option.
    • From Reset Internet Explorer Settings tab click on the Reset option.
    • Now restart the computer system.

In this way you can resolve the network connection issue while activation.

Contact the team of expertise by dialing Kaspersky Technical Support Number Australia 1800-870-079

If the above trouble still persists or you are facing another technical glitch with the antivirus program then get in touch with the team of specialists. Dial Kaspersky Customer Support Number (1800) 870 079 and let the experts help you with the recovery procedure. You can also drop an email and the team will respond to you as soon as possible with the suitable solution.

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